East Coast Crawl


Driving along the stunning East Coast of Tasmania is a spectacular journey that has long been a staple trip for both visitors and locals alike.  With secluded, pristine and often deserted beaches and history laden seaside towns, throughout this journey you will be treated to ever changing fauna, world class views and global award winning locations.

Your tour begins near the Hobart Airport, and you will soon find yourself out of the hustle and bustle and amongst the natural beauty that Tasmania is renowned for. Rugged wilderness, winding roads, and stunning coastal landscapes all await you.

As we head north, we will visit seaside towns including Triabunna, Bicheno and Scamander, all of which have their own unique natural features as well as varied history and tales to tell.  These bustling little communities offer opportunities to sample fresh seafood and to explore local galleries and boutiques.

Along the way you can choose to visit some of Tasmania’s most famous locations including the breathtaking Freycinet National Park and its world-renowned Wineglass Bay. Take the short hike to the lookout or explore further and experience the pristine white sand and crystal clear water first hand.

As you take in the amazing scenery, also keep an eye out for seals and dolphins in the numerous bays as well as whales as they migrate north or south.

The final destination of St Helens is home to another world-renowned natural beauty, the Bay of Fires, with it orange lichen covered rocks. An instagrammers and photographers delight! Visit the near by Mt William National Park, fish from the wharf or head to the numerous surf sport in search of the ultimate wave.

Adventure, relaxation, natural, man-made, land or ocean, this journey has it all and will leave you with unforgettable memories and wanting to come back for more.

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Min Tour Length

3.5 hours

Tour Direction

South to North

Tour Stops


Narration Points


Tour Area

Tour Route


Your tour begins just past the Hobart airport, heading towards Sorell. Travelling some 240 kilometers north to St Helens, you will be taken to some beautiful coastal areas, intriguing towns, vineyards and more than one saltworks!

Tour Start

Your tour will start just past the Hobart airport.  If you are travelling from Hobart and surrounds, follow signage to Sorell on the A3 Tasman Highway.

If you are departing from the Hobart Airport, exit the airport precinct to the right and follow signage towards Sorell on the A3 Tasman highway.

We will then provide you with audio driving directions all the way to St Helens some 240 kilometers away.


Given this is a long tour, consider planning ahead.  Do you plan to do it all in one day or over multiple days?  Check out the tour stops and consider where you might want to stop and the extra time you want to allocate to those stops.  If looking at overnight stays, consider Swansea, Coles Bay, Bicheno, Scamander and our destination of St Helens.

There are numerous places to eat along the way as well as general stores and supermarkets where you can purchase food and drinks.  There are also several parks with barbeque facilities if you would prefer to cook up something on the way.

The larger towns all have petrol stations for fuel and you can check out the PlugShare website and app for electric vehicle charging stations.

Consider any entry fees and purchases you may want to make along the way.  Most locations on this tour are at no cost but if you plan on entering the Freycinet National Park (which we think is a must!) you will require a National Parks Pass.  Passes can be purchased online, at various National Parks points and on the Spirit of Tasmania ferries.  Further information on required passes and costs can be found here.


Tour End

The tour ends in the stunning fishing town of St Helens, gateway to the Bay or Fires.  St Helens features a world class mountain biking park and is only a stones throw away from the world renowned Derby mountain biking mecca.  Add in great fishing, deserted beaches and the bustling township, this is a great place to end your tour and spend some time exploring.

Tour FAQs

This tour starts just past the Hobart airport and follows the A3 Tasman Highway as it meanders along the east coast of Tasmania as far as the fishing town of St Helens. The tour sticks mainly to the highway but there are a few little detours along the way so that you don’t miss anything!

That is the beauty of Take A Local tours….it is up to you how long it takes. But as a guide, if you just drove from beginning to end without making any of our suggested detours and stops, it would take around 3 and a half hours. If you stopped to check out all of tour stops, you could easily take a day. But it is all in your hands. Take a few hours, a day or a week….just do it your way!

One of the many great things about this tour is that the majority of the stops are free! Aside from fuel and food costs, there are a few things you can expect to pay for if you chose to visit them. Below is a guide to single adult costs, but to check for up to date costs and child or family pricing, check the relevant websites.

  • Maria Island cruise – $52.00
  • National Parks Pass (for Freycinet National Park & Maria Island) check here for pricing
  • Bicheno Glass Bottom Boat – $35.00
  • Bicheno Penguin Tour – $66.50
  • Nature World Wildlife Sanctuary – $32.00
  • Wineries: Wineries are free to visit….but don’t expect to walk away with a bottle of their finest drop for less than $30.

The majority of this tour is along the A3 Tasman Highway. Whilst this is technically a highway, don’t expect multiple lanes or large numbers of overtaking lanes. Having said that, there are plenty of overtaking areas so if you happen to be following someone who is taking their time, be patient and wait for a safe place to overtake. Similarly, if you find that traffic is building up behind you, find a safe place to pull over and let them pass. Much better than the stress of feeling you are holding everyone up!

There are some gravel roads on this tour however taking them is optional. We’ll let you know during the tour when there are gravel roads expected. Otherwise, the roads are all sealed.

If you are travelling in a hire car, be sure to check your hire Terms & Conditions as some do not allow driving on gravel roads. Or even better, if you are yet to book a car, try and book one that will allow it!

There are some steep and windy sections of the road and the stunning scenery can be distracting! If you see something of interest, find a safe place to stop and take a look, or have a passenger take photos.

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