Destinations are great…..but journeys can be greater!

Driving yourself from one destination to another is such a convenient way to travel. But have you ever wondered how much you might be missing out on along the way?

With the Take A Local self-drive touring app coming in 2024, not only will you be able to unearth a wealth of knowledge with fascinating stories & local tips, but you will also get turn by turn directions all playing automatically based on your GPS location. Allowing you to travel at your own pace to your preferred locations!

  • Go at your own pace

    Don’t be limited by someone else’s pre-determined itinerary or time frames. This is your journey. Spend more time at the places that really grab you and breeze on through the ones that don’t, all while listening to expert narration.

  • iPhone or Android, your choice

    Apple user? Android User? We have you covered with the Take A Local app being available in both the Apple App Store & Google Play store. Download your tour and away you go. Tours can also be run offline to avoid any reception issues.

  • Let us help you

    Not sure where to visit or how to get there? With expertly curated itineraries and spectacular routes, let us help you.

How it works?

Using the GPS technology built into your phone, your tour will come to life at just at right moments to bring you driving directions, insightful information, stories and insider tips that only local knowledge can provide.

Buy a single tour or a tour bundle

Just want to take one tour? No problem, just purchase a single tour. Want to take multiple tours? Check out our Bundles page for discounted tour packages.

Download Trip

Once you have made your purchase, download your tour and we’ll be ready to go as soon as you are!

Let’s go!

Start the tour and away we go. Follow our directions, listen to our stories and make the most of your journey. To ensure a seamless tour experience, your tour will run both online and offline to avoid any issues with mobile reception.