Discover the Passion Behind Take A Local

Having travelled extensively locally, nationally and internationally, we understand the desire to take things at your own pace without being limited by someone else’s itinerary or schedule. We also find that we often travel from one destination to another but have very little understanding of what is in between. Our goal is to provide a solution to allow you to travel on your timeframe, to destinations you choose whilst learning history, stories and local tips along your journey.


Who we are

We are a family run business based on the Eastern Shore of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

As kids growing up, we spent our summers, school holidays and long weekends being dragged from coast to coast with our families exploring the towns, cities, forests, rivers, mountains and beaches of Tasmania.  Little did we realise at the time just how much knowledge we were gaining about our own back yard and the stories it has to tell.

Fast forward to the Covid Pandemic and travel beyond our own state of Tasmania was cut off.  To be honest, if you are going to be trapped on an island for a period of time, it is hard to imagine one with more to offer!  During this time, we frequently packed up the car to explore what was around us and impart those stories and bits of local knowledge to our own children…..just as our parents had done many years earlier.

It was during these travels that we realised that so many travellers who visit our state must just travel from A to B without any understanding of what is in between.  Whilst there are some amazing destinations on offer, there is so much to know about the journeys in between.

This prompted us to find a way to share this local knowledge with other travellers in an easy to access, technology based format.  Take A Local was born!

Find out what makes us unique

At Take A Local, we understand how significant a travel experience can be. It is an opportunity to not only visit amazing places but also a chance to learn about the places we go. That is why we have created the Take A Local app.

One time purchase

Purchase a tour and it is yours for life. Do the tour now, do it later or do it multiple times!

Free updates

As we update tour content, your purchased tour will update without any need to re-purchase.

No expiry tours

There is no time limit on your tour. Start when you choose and stop when you choose. Take a day, a week, a month….it is totally up to you!

Which direction?

North to South, South to North – We have you covered. Choose a tour that suits your needs.

How it works?

Using the GPS technology built into your phone, your tour will come to life at just at right moments to bring you driving directions, insightful information, stories and insider tips that only local knowledge can provide.

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Buy a single tour or a tour bundle

Just want to take one tour? No problem, just purchase a single tour. Want to take multiple tours? Check out our Bundles page for discounted tour packages.

Download Trip

Download Trip

Experience the convenience of having all your trip details readily available by downloading the trip on your device.

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Let’s go!

Start the tour and away we go. Follow our directions, listen to our stories and make the most of your journey. To ensure a seamless tour experience, your tour will run both online and offline to avoid any issues with mobile reception.