How it works?

Technology. Local knowledge. Extensive research.

The Technology

The power of the phones that we carry in our pockets is nothing short of amazing!  Photos, music, video streaming, weather forecasts, social media…the list of things our smart devices can do is endless.  They even make phone calls!

At Take A Local, we utilise a number of your devices technologies to provide a seamless travel experience:

  •  GPS location services allow us to provide location specific information right when you need it.
  • View your current position on our maps as well as viewing your tour route.
  • Audio functionality means you can listen to our stories and insights as well as the all important driving  directions during, before or after your tour.
  • Link your device to your vehicles audio system via Bluetooth or a physical cable for the best audio experience.
  • View images during your tour to assist with your navigation

Local Knowledge

Having grown up touring these routes, the Take A Local team have lived a breathed these tours. Only local knowledge can bring you some of the tips and insights contained within our tours and it is our pleasure to share them with you.  We are firm believers in the journey being as important as the destination and going by the number of tour stops within our tours, it shows!

Extensive Research

We may well be local, but we couldn’t pretend that we knew everything! Countless hours, days, weeks and months have been spent researching our tours to ensure we bring you the most insightful information as you travel.  This has not just been done from the comfort of the Take A Local office.  All tour routes have been thoroughly explored from end to end numerous times, stopping to research new locations and ensure that driving directions are up to date.