kunanyi / Mt Wellington


Driving to the top of kunanyi / Mt Wellington is a must do when visiting Hobart.  Whether it is the first time or the hundredth, the trip to the top is always an exhilarating and breathtaking experience.  Stunning views and ever-changing surroundings make for an unforgettable experience.  And just moments from the city centre, it is not to be missed.

As you ascend to the pinnacle some 1,270 meters (4,167 feet) above sea level, you will see your surrounds shift from suburbia to lush greenery and finally to rocky outcrops. The summit road twists and turns it’s way to the top as it hugs the side of the mountain providing numerous lookout points and natural features well worth stopping to explore.

The closer you get to the top, the crisper the air becomes and the lower the temperatures get.  Surprisingly though, when in full sunshine and low winds, the summit can feel warmer than some of the shaded areas beneath. Don’t be surprised if you encounter snow along the way….at any time of year! This may cause road closures in extreme circumstances so keep an eye on signage and the Hobart City Council website.

Once at the summit you can explore this amazing geological feature via walkways and viewing platforms.  On clear days, you can take in the spectacular 360-degree views allowing you to see as far as the eye can see.  Admire the view across Hobart to the eastern coastline, south to the Southern Ocean and southwest to the World Heritage listed South West National Park.  The summit’s lookout building provides shelter from the cold and the wind whilst also giving visitors further cultural and geological information on kunanyi/Mt Wellington as well as binoculars and explanations of the view.

Whether you are a nature lover, adventurer, photographer or simply someone just looking for a great day out, a drive to the top of kunanyi/Mount Wellington is an absolute must-do when in Hobart.

The Take A Local tour will not only take you to the top but will also point out some hidden gems along the way, providing some great insights into this truly magnificent and iconic part of the Tasmanian landscape.

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Min Tour Length

1 Hour

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Your tour of kunanyi / Mt Wellington will have you commence close to the Hobart city center and wind your way through South Hobart and Ferntree on your way to the pinnacle. There are numerous natural and man made features to stop and explore on the way as well as curated audio stories to enjoy.

Tour Start

Start your tour just out of the Hobart city center at the Angelsea Barracks on Davey Street.  From here you will given audio directions to take you to the top of the mountain.


It’s all about the weather!  The Hobart City Council have a series of gates that can be closed at various points on the mountains Pinnacle Road on days of extreme weather. Before you head off we suggest you check the council website to to check the status of the road.  If you can delay your journey until the road is open we would encourage it but if you can’t, it can be worth heading as far as the gates will allow and enjoy the nearby snow (that’s usually why the gates are closed) or continue up the mountain on foot.

Even on a sunny day, temperatures can be pretty cold at the pinnacle, especially if it is windy.  Be prepared. At any time of year take a jacket as well as a beanie and gloves if you have them!  During summer the average high temperature on top of the mountain is around 15 degrees Celsius while during winter it is around 4 degrees Celsius.  If it is windy it can certainly feel a lot colder than the thermometer suggests!

Tour End

After reaching the top, your tour will direct you back down the winding Pinnacle Road and into Hobart, not far from where we started.

Tour FAQs

This tour starts on Davey Street in Hobart, before heading through South Hobart, Ferntree and onto the summit of kunanyi / Mt Wellington.  We’ll also bring you back down!  Along the way there are numerous stops you can make to get the most out of your tour including the Female Factory, Cascade Brewery, Octopus Tree, The Springs and many more!

That is the beauty of Take A Local tours….it is up to you how long it takes. But as a guide, if you just drove from beginning to end without making any of our suggested stops, it would take around 1 hour. If you stopped to check out all of the tour stops, you could easily take 3 hours or more. But it is all in your hands. Take as little or as much time as you would like.

The road to the pinnacle is windy and very narrow in places.  It is important that you drive to the conditions and give way to other traffic wherever possible. Road closures can occur on the mountain in times of snow fall or icy conditions. Before setting off check the Hobart City Councils Pinnacle Road site.

One of the many great things about this tour is that the majority of the stops are free! Aside from fuel  there are only a couple of few things you can expect to pay for if you chose to visit them. Below is a guide to single adult costs, but to check for up to date costs and child or family pricing, check the relevant websites.

Perhaps also factor in a coffee, tea or hot chocolate at The Springs on the mountain to warm up!

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