Wine Glass Bay….the name is not what you think

Take A Local
25th February 2023

Wineglass Bay….If you have been to Tasmania or you are planning to visit, at a minimum you have heard of it.  It is one of the most iconic beaches in Tasmania, Australia and well….the world!  Pure white sand and sparkling clear water in a natural wonderland.  Well it is now, but it hasn’t always been.

In the early 1800’s, whaling stations were set up around the Freycinet area, including in Wineglass Bay.  Small whaling boats would leave from the shore to hunt for whales in the nearby waters with whale oil being exported back to Britain and whale bones being used in the fashion industry in the manufacturing of corsets!

Most believe that Wineglass Bay got it’s name from it’s wine glass shape and this may be partly true.  However, the wineglass was not for white wine.  Resulting from the whaling operations, the water within the bay and the now pristine white sand was turned red from whale blood and blubber giving it the appearance of red wine and giving birth to the name Wineglass Bay!