Tasmanian Festivals

Take A Local

Tasmania is not only renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty but also for its vibrant cultural scene. Throughout the year, the island comes alive with a diverse range of festivals and events that showcase Tasmania’s unique blend of art, music, food, and local traditions. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through some of Tasmania’s most exciting and colorful festivals, highlighting the island’s rich cultural tapestry.

1. MONA FOMA: A Feast for the Senses

When: January Where: Hobart

Kicking off the year in style, the Museum of Old and New Art’s Festival of Music and Art (MONA FOMA) is a sensory wonderland. With a mix of contemporary music, visual arts, and eccentric performances, this festival pushes boundaries and challenges perceptions. Held in and around the stunning MONA museum, it’s a unique and immersive experience for art and music enthusiasts.

2. Taste of Tasmania: Culinary Delights

When: December 28 to January 3 Where: Hobart

Celebrating the best of Tasmanian produce and culinary talent, the Taste of Tasmania festival is a food lover’s paradise. Over a week, the festival showcases local gourmet delights, from fresh seafood to award-winning wines and craft beers. Enjoy live entertainment, cooking demonstrations, and delicious feasts at this iconic year-end event.

4. Dark Mofo: Embracing the Winter Solstice

When: June Where: Hobart

In the heart of winter, Tasmania comes alive with Dark Mofo, a festival that explores ancient and contemporary rituals celebrating the winter solstice. This festival features avant-garde art installations, live performances, feasts, and immersive experiences. The winter solstice nude swim in the Derwent River is a particularly quirky and unforgettable event.  Dark Mofo has been cancelled for 2024 but will be back for 2025.

5. Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival: Wassailling Tradition

When: July Where: Huon Valley

Experience the centuries-old tradition of wassailing at the Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival. This family-friendly event includes fire performances, live music, and an abundance of cider tastings. Join the procession of wassailers as they scare evil spirits from the apple orchards and ensure a bountiful harvest for the year ahead.

6. Festivale: A Celebration of Food, Wine, and Arts

When: February Where: Launceston

Launceston comes alive with Festivale, a celebration of Tasmania’s finest food, wine, and arts. The festival offers a diverse range of gourmet experiences, including tastings, cooking demonstrations, and live entertainment. Stroll through the beautiful City Park while enjoying local produce.

7. Party in the Paddock: Music and Fun in the Farmlands

When: February Where: White Hills

Located in a picturesque farmland setting, Party in the Paddock is a boutique music festival that combines great music, local food and drink, and a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. It’s a unique experience that celebrates Tasmania’s vibrant music scene.

8. The Unconformity: Arts and Culture in Queenstown

When: Biennial (odd years) Where: Queenstown

The Unconformity is a unique biennial festival that explores the rich cultural history and environmental challenges of Queenstown, a mining town with a striking landscape. The festival features art installations, performances, and events that shed light on the town’s unconventional spirit.

9. Tastes of the North: Celebrating Northern Tasmania

When: Various dates Where: Northern Tasmania

Tastes of the North is a series of events held throughout the year that celebrate the culture and produce of Northern Tasmania. From food and wine festivals to art exhibitions and music performances, it’s a fantastic way to explore the northern part of the island.

10. Chocolate Winterfest: For Sweet Tooth Enthusiasts

When: August Where: Latrobe

For those with a sweet tooth, Chocolate Winterfest in Latrobe is a dream come true. Indulge in all things chocolate, from tastings and workshops to a chocolate mud cake eating competition. It’s a delicious winter treat for the entire family.

Tips for Festival-Goers

  • Plan Ahead: Check festival dates and book accommodations in advance, as festivals can draw large crowds.
  • Dress for the Occasion: Be prepared for varying weather conditions, especially at outdoor events.
  • **Support Local: ** Taste local produce, enjoy artisanal goods, and purchase festival merchandise to support the community.
  • Respect the Environment: Follow Leave No Trace principles and be mindful of the natural surroundings at outdoor festivals.

Tasmania’s festivals offer a unique opportunity to explore the island’s culture, history, and creativity. Whether you’re into music, food, art, or simply celebrating life, there’s a festival in Tasmania for you. So mark your calendar, pack your bags, and immerse yourself in the colorful tapestry of Tasmania’s vibrant festival scene.